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Supported file formats

rio-tiler can work with all raster formats supported by GDAL. That's being said, rio-tiler works better with data format that supports partial reading, like Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF.

On interesting feature of Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF is the internal overviews which enable fast preview of the data. For example, when using the Reader.preview method, rio-tiler will only fetch the internal overviews instead of the whole data, to be able to construct the output array. Doing this reduce the amount of data transfer and thus increase the process speed.


GDAL's Virtual format is also supported by rio-tiler.


Map Tile reading from VRT might not be efficient if overviews are not present, because GDAL will try to open a lot of files.


New in version 4.0

When xarray and rioxarray are installed in your environment, you can use to read xarray.DataArray using the usual rio-tiler's Readers methods (part(), tile(), feature()).


  • Datarray must be fully geo-referenced with a CRS and X,Y variables (longitude, latitude)
  • Performance is largely dependant on the chunking of the array