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Issues and pull requests are more than welcome.

dev install

$ git clone
$ cd rio-tiler
$ pip install -e .["dev"]

You can then run the tests with the following command:

python -m pytest --cov rio_tiler --cov-report term-missing --benchmark-skip


This repo is set to use pre-commit to run isort, flake8, pydocstring, black ("uncompromising Python code formatter") and mypy when committing new code.

$ pre-commit install


$ git clone
$ cd rio-tiler
$ pip install -e .["docs"]

Hot-reloading docs:

$ mkdocs serve

To manually deploy docs (note you should never need to do this because Github Actions deploys automatically for new commits.):

$ mkdocs gh-deploy -f docs/mkdocs.yml
pdocs as_markdown \
   --output_dir docs/src/api/ \
   --exclude_source \
   --overwrite \
   rio_tiler.colormap \
   rio_tiler.constants \
   rio_tiler.errors \
   rio_tiler.expression \
   rio_tiler.models \ \ \ \ \
   rio_tiler.mosaic.methods.base \
   rio_tiler.mosaic.methods.defaults \
   rio_tiler.mosaic.reader \
   rio_tiler.profiles \
   rio_tiler.reader \
   rio_tiler.tasks \